Common Myths about iPhone Repair

Common Myths about iPhone Repair:

  1. Myth: It is expensive to get iPhone repaired.

 False. Depending on the model of the iPhone, and how extensive the repair needs. Most common screen repairs can be repaired for less than the value of the iPhone or cost of the replacement which means it is very cost effective to get your iPhone repaired than buying a new iPhone. Have some question about the cost for your iPhone repair, contact us at  for more detail.

      2. Myth: iPhone Repairs might take weeks.

False. At Gadget Pro Phone Repair we offer same day service for most common iPhone screen repairs. Most of iPhone screen repair, and other common repairs can be done the same day, some repairs can even be done less than an hour while you wait.

      3. Myth: Having iPhone repaired lowers device’s resale value.

False. At Gadget Pro Phone Repair, we work side by side with many different carriers and insurance companies that helped alot of customers with broken phones looking to trade up their device. By using high quality OEM parts that comes with lifetime warranty on parts and labor, we can ensure your repaired device works just as well as it did and looks no different than before it was damaged which can maximize the resale/trade-in value of the device.

     4. Myth: I have insurance, i should get a replacement iphone instead.

Not so fast! If your iPhone is lost or stolen, then it makes alot more sense to get a replacement phone with the insurance deductible. However, if you just dropped or damaged your iPhone, check with your carrier and insurance first on the deductible.

Most of the time, insurance deductibles are far more expensive than the repairs themselves. And another thing to keep in mind, most of the time insurance company will offer “Refurbished replacement” NOT “brand new replacement” which means alot of time insurance companies collect broken/damaged devices refurbish it, and give them out as replacement devices.

Insurance replacement might take days to week to processed, which you might be out of the phone for the time being until your replacement is processed V.S most repairs can be done same day or even less than an hour or so.

And the most important thing that alot of our customers concerned is their data. With insurance replacement, you’re responsible to back up your data before send off your device to the insurance company (sometimes, phones were so damaged to the point that data can’t be accessed or perform any type of backup). With Gadget Pro Phone Repair , most common screen iphone repairs will not affect any user data at all, your broken iPhone will be repaired the same day without compromise of any data loss.

    5. You must have repairs done by Apple or the manufacturer.

False. With its closed ecosystem and insular environment, Apple has created an environment where users tend to believe that the company is the only one qualified to do repairs to an iPhone. The reality is that you do not need to have repairs of your devices done by Apple. There are other experienced, qualified and professional cell phone and tech repair companies out there that offer services to fix broken Apple products. In many cases, these other companies can provide faster and better quality service than Apple would offer.

   6. Why pay to get my iPhone repaired? I can do it myself.

Sure you could probably figure it out. It is not prudent or uncalled for to attempt many simple iPhone repairs yourself. In the age of the internet, the information and supplies are definitely available to the public, but who do you call when things go wrong? Not to mention it’s extremely common for first timers and inexperienced smartphone technicians to make mistakes that end up causing more damage and making way for much more expensive repairs than if they had just left it to the professionals.

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