iPhone 6 Plus Touch Screen Not Working Solution.

iPhone 6 Plus Touch Screen Not Working Solution.

Having problem with the touch screen on your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? Dropped your phone and still can’t get the touch function to work even after replace the screen?

We have the answers for you.


Touch not responding.

Slow Response

Touch will only work sometimes.

Touch will work only certain area or keys.

Screen flickers/flash with white bar on top of the LCD even with a new replacement screen.


Accidental drop. Most of the time accidental drop will damage the screen on the phone, which in most cases screen replacement will fix the issue. But sometimes a hard drop can also cause the internal damage on the phone as well which is the Touch IC chip in this case. Because the Touch IC chip on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is located on the back side of the board facing to the back  housing of the phone that absorb most of the impact if your phone landed on the back after the fall. And if your phone took a hard fall, the shock can cause the solder joints on this Touch IC to come loose/cracked or even damage the chip.

Water damage. If your phone has been dropped in the water, it is very high chance that corrosion might cause damage to the internal components including the Touch IC chip.














Fix Solution:

Replace the Touch IC Chip. The repair steps:Disassemble the iPhone.

Remove the iphone logic board.

Remove the protective back to gain access to the Touch IC Chip.

Remove the faulty Touch IC Chip by using Hot Air Rework Station.

Install new replacement Touch IC Chip.

Test and Re-assemble the iPhone.

iPhone 6 Touch IC Repair





iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC Repair
















WARNING: This repair requires very highly trained micro-soldering skills, and professional soldering equipment.

Please DO NOT try this at home without any proper training or equipment. Failed attempts can cause permanent damage to your iPhone. 

Need help with iPhone 6 Touch IC Repair or IPhone 6 Plus Touch IC Repair?

We do offer offer professional repair service for this here:

iPhone 6 Touch IC Chip Repair

iPhone 6 PLUS Touch IC Chip Repair



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