Sony Playstation PS4 HDMI Port Repair

Sony Playstation PS4 HDMI Port Repair


Sony Playstation PS4 HDMI Port Repair

The HDMI port on the PS4 is the most critical and extremely weak point of the system. We are seeing the increased number of HDMI port repair came in recently. These port are the most important part of the system, since it’s the only connection between the console to the TV, without it the console is pretty much useless since it can’t establish the connection and project the display image to your TV.

What cause faulty/damage on the HDMI port?

The most common causes on these are:

  • The PS4 Console has been dropped.
  • Plug in wrong cable.
  • Excessive force or wrong angle during cable installation.

What are the signs or symptoms of the faulty HDMI port?

  • No image display or white screen on your TV when PS4 turns on.
  • Visible physical damage on HDMI port (bent or broken pin inside HDMI port, crooked port, feel loose when plug in cable).
  • “No Signal” displays on TV even when cable is fully plugged in.

Can it be fixed and how?

Yes, it definitely can be fixed. However the way the HDMI designed on this PS4 console is the port soldered onto the motherboard with 20 or more solder points. The repair process is extremely difficult which required tearing down the PS4 console to gain access to the port on the motherboard, remove the broken port by soldering and solder on the new port, reassemble the PS4 console. The process required high level in electronic repair and soldering skills. Improper repair attempts without proper training, and experience can cause more damage on the motherboard which might result with dead board and unusable console.

Here is a snapshot of how the repair looks like:


Do you offer this repair service:

Of course we do! Our certified repair technician undergo proper training, and many years of experience in electronic repair and micro-soldering skill can get your PS4 HDMI fixed in no time. We offer this repair service at our retail store, and mail-in repair as well. If you’re in town locally, stop in our shop to drop it off and it can be done the same day for you, and if you’re not in town? No worries, we offer this mail-in service which you can mail it to us, repair will be done, shipped back to you in a timely manner.

Where do i go to get my console fixed?

Visit our repair store at: 2035 28th ST SE Suite K, Grand Rapids MI 49508

Mail- in: Sony Playstation PS4 HDMI Port Repair



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