How To Choose Between A Prepaid Or Regular Cell phone For Personal Or Business Use

The cell phone as we know it is changing our lives every day. Almost all small and big businesses require for their employees to own or have a cell phone to get in contact with other people as well as the need for cell phones to have a regular work day. This is why knowing about cell phones will pay off when you go to find one and get a plan. Locating your best cell phone plan is what you need to look for it will be the most important choice you make when getting a cell phone.

Think about whether you want a prepaid phone or a regular plan with your cell phone. When you have a prepaid phone you can only use the minutes you will have on your phone. Most of these phone plans come with a free phone. The only thing that is con about it is that you won't be able to use your phone when it runs out of minutes until you buy more. This is why buying a cell phone and getting a contract with a company is the easiest way to go. If you spend 40 to 50$ a month on minutes I am pretty sure you can get a fairly good plan from ATT for that much or just less per month. There are all kinds of plans out there that are way better than getting a prepaid phone. You won't have to worry about the minutes going out while you're talking.

Many cell phone companies have a family or share plan. When you have a plan like this you can have I think up to four or five people on the plan something like that. You will only be billed a certain amount each month and good plans start at like $60 for a share plan. This is easier than getting an individual plan for each kid in the family.

Cell phone plans are better than prepaid because you wont ever run out of minutes and you also will have rollover sometime like if you take a trip outside the united states and you don't use those 1000 minutes you have for the month and you are gone for 2 months you will have 2000 minutes when you come back because you haven't used your phone.

I think of prepaid phones only as an emergency to get in contact with someone. I think they should just be used when traveling.

The statements stated above are true and a plan is going to be better I price and for talking. You won't have to worry about losing minutes when talking on the phone and won't have to worry about dropped calls either.


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