How To Find The Best Cell Phone Choices For Today's Kids

If you are like most parents, your kids want to be able to have a cell phone to talk to their friends. You might also be interested in their having one so that you will be able to reach them. You will feel safer, too, knowing that your child can contact help in times of emergency. For all these reasons, you may be in the market for a child's cell phone if your child doesn't already have one.

There are several different options to choose when you are looking to buy your child's cell phone. There are different features on the various phones. Some will make you happy, and others will be specifically designed to please the kids. Exploring all the different phone choices will allow you to make the best selections.

The Cingular Firefly has been a best-selling kids' phone for awhile now. It is a simple phone for kids to use. It has been designed with kids aged five years and up in mind. Because of that, it couldn't be easier to dial or charge. The battery can hold up to about seven hours of talking. It is an exciting choice, with flashing lights, animation, and sounds.

The Tictalk is a very durable phone made especially for kids who are not good at caring for delicate things. It is a cool because it has educational games for kids to play five in all. It is also a good phone to use for text messaging, which is a favorite pastime of many kids. There may be some issues, though, with ease of activation.

For young children, the Verizon Migo is a good choice. It is especially well-suited for kids in the five to nine year age group. It has five speed dial buttons to make it easy for your child to reach important people in a hurry without remembering long numbers. For these young children, that can be a very valuable asset in a cell phone. It can mean the difference in whether your child is safe from harm if they can call you when they need to do so. Children will also like its bright green case.

The Disney Mobile Phone is a favorite with children and parents alike. Children aged eleven to fifteen like this phone very much. It is an LG flip phone, which gives kids that cool, adult-style look that they all want. The phone has V Cast music and video capabilities. It also has a navigator that will give directions in case the child gets lost. You can download ringtones, do text and picture messaging, and get on the internet.

It also has a feature that helps parents be informed about their kids cell phone use. This is the most important feature of these phones. Parents can set limits on their kids' cell phone use, and then monitor it. Yet, the child will still be able to contact their parents or emergency numbers.

When you are looking for a phone for your child, take into consideration the features that may be important to your child. At the same time, don't forget to check out phones that allow you as a parent to have some control over your child's cell phone use.


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